Shaggy Pants, Boots and a Shag

Today, talking about “adult shag” is often considered a new phenomenon. And certainly, it is not a new idea but the way in which it was traditionally used, namely in outdoor saloons where the atmosphere of the gathering was basically friendly and relaxing rather than the stiff and formal corporate environment, has changed. Few differences Continue Reading

Credit despite annual contract

  The structures of employment in the country have changed significantly in recent decades. In the past, it was common to work in a company from apprenticeship to retirement, but nowadays, shorter forms of employment relationships up to pure project employment contracts are common. The safety of one’s own job is no longer as high Continue Reading

Credit without spouse

  Is it possible to get a loan without a spouse? As a rule, various things play a role in obtaining a loan. If you can prove that your income is sufficient and is received regularly so that you can later pay the installments to repay the loan, and you also have no further debts Continue Reading

Loan to officials.

Officials as borrowers are popular with banks because they are considered to be particularly serious customers with high morale when it comes to repayment. The regular fixed salary and the very high level of job security also make it easier for civil servants to borrow. Many providers put special loan packages for civil servants on Continue Reading