This website serves the 2700 households, and the businesses, churches, schools and other members of the Yorkshire Woods Neighborhood.


Yorkshire Woods Website



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Hardy Bulbs

Click on the following link to see a list of Hardy Bulbs for planting in our area


Hardy Bulbs List


Important Numbers

Here is a link to a list of important numbers. Click on the link and copy and paste them to your word processor and print them out and keep in a convenient place.


Important Number List


Trees for your Landscape

Click on the following link to see a list of trees that are hardy for our area.


Yorkshire Woods Tree List



Don't forget to vote on Tuesday, November 7th!


Yorkshire Woods Community Meeting

Next General Meeting date Thursday November 9th at 7PM


Metropolitan Community Tabernacle 11435 Morang

The parking lot is accessible from Beaconsfield. The meeting room is downstairs.



DO NOT use 311 for Police Department non-emergency calls.

The new phone number for non-emergency police department calls is (313) 267-4600


Yorkshire Woods Newsletter Delivery Persons Needed!


You probably get the Yorkshire Woods Newsletter delivered to your door every month. You may have a neighbor on your own block who is delivering the newsletter to you. But in some cases it is a member of the neighborhood from blocks away. As an example, I deliver the newsletter to my neighbors on Grayton St. east of Denby. But I also deliver the newsletter on all of Lakepointe.  We are in need of volunteers to help us. There are streets in our neighborhood that get no newsletter at all. Please consider delivering the newsletter on your own block or a nearby one. I find the once a month walk a good chance to get out of the house and enjoy the beauty of our neighborhood and meet my neighbors. I also enjoy the different styles of the homes and the beauty of the trees, flowers, lawns and wildlife as I walk along. It is also a little healthy exercise and some sun on my face (Weather permitting). So if you would like a chance to do this yourself, please email me at bczygan@yahoo.com or call the Yorkshire Woods office at 886-1411 and leave your name, address and phone number.



Every home in the Yorkshire Woods Neighborhood needs to contribute to the SNOW FUND this year. You may not know this, but the City of Detroit does NO PLOWING in our neighborhood. Plowing is done entirely by private contractors that we hire at our own expense. The cost per household is $25.00. This is the lowest cost of any surrounding neighborhood. Every house benefits from the curb to curb plowing, so each homeowner should contribute. When you pay your share, you will get a sticker to put in your window to show you participated. Don't miss this opportunity to show your neighbors that you are a part of the community.

Please send your contributions to the SNOW FUND to:

Yorkshire Woods

P.O. Box 24812

Detroit, MI 48224

(Be sure to include your name, address and phone number and mark your payment for the SNOW FUND)


Angel’s Night Volunteer Campaign


Oct. 29-31 is the annual Angel’s Night dates this year. Your participation can be as simple as turning on your porch light and keeping your eyes and ears open. Or you can volunteer to keep an eye on a vacant house or patrol a neighborhood.

For more information and to volunteer go to:






 (From YW Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 10 October 2006)


Next General Meeting date Thursday October 12th at 7PM


Metropolitan Community Tabernacle 11435 Morang

The parking lot is accessible from Beaconsfield. The meeting room is downstairs.


Attend this meeting as it is an opportunity to bring up any complaints or problems you may be having. There will also be a guest speaker and you will get a chance to get up to date with all the newest information concerning the neighborhood. The Yorkshire Woods neighborhood is on the move and you don't want to miss being a part of it. See you there.

This Month's Guest Speaker:

Wayne County Executive

Robert Ficano



Yorkshire Woods Beautiful Home of the Month

We have some beautiful homes here in Yorkshire Woods. Each month here in the newsletter, and on the Yorkshire Woods website, we will highlight the beauty we see here in Yorkshire Woods, by showing off a home in our neighborhood. A photo will be posted on the website, and a link to it in the newsletter. If you know of someone whose home deserves this recognition, please send the address to me at bczygan@yahoo.com.




This months beautiful home is at:       

11484 Lansdowne


See more photos of homes in our neighborhood on the web at:     







Dear Yorkshire Woods Residents:

This letter is a follow-up to the September SNOW FUND appeal. I need to know how many of our Yorkshire Woods residents plan to contribute to the 2006 SNOW FUND.


Do you plan to contribute to the Snow Fund?


While we have the same number of houses (2500) in Yorkshire Woods this year, as we had last year, we have fewer homeowners residing in these homes. So, I can't emphasize enough, how important full participation by all the remaining residents will be. Without your monetary contribution to the SNOW FUND, our streets WILL NOT be plowed this year.


Please send your contributions to the SNOW FUND to:

Yorkshire Woods

P.O. Box 24812

Detroit, MI 48224

(Be sure to include your name, address and phone number)

Thank You                                                                                                            Bill G.





The residents of Detroit will be receiving (If you haven't already) information on the bulk and yard pick-up.

Please Read it ALL!


The $300.00 yearly charge to the property tax in not just for the four-times a year Bulk pick-up. It covers, mainly the cost of the weekly dumpster pick-up. In 1991 we, the homeowners, purchased the "Courville" dumpsters at the cost to us of $20.00. The city paid the balance of the $80.00 cost. From then until now the fee for the weekly pick-up and the monthly bulk pick-up has remained the same, although the cost to the city has steadily gone up. Please be reminded again, the $300.00 fee is not just for the (4) times a year bulk pick-up. It is mainly for the weekly trash pick-up and the 4 times a year bulk pick-up.


            Bulk Trash Sites:       5580 Concord at East Grand Boulevard

                                            Waste Management Transfer Station - 1550 Harper (Enter on Ferry St.)                                           

                                            State Fair Yard - 19715 John R.

                                            5840 Anthon between Cavalry and Campbell

                                            Southfield Yard - 12255 Southfield Service Dr.

                                            Davison Yard - 8220 West Davison

            Hours:    Summer (Apr-Oct) 8:30AM-7:30PM Tues-Sat    Winter (Nov-Mar) 8:30AM-4PM Tues-Sat


            Bulk Pick-up dates for 2006:     Friday Dec 1

                                             2007:     Thursday Mar 1

                                                          Thursday May 31

                                                          Wednesday Aug 29

                                                          Friday Nov 30


            Weekly Trash Pick-up Day:      Wednesday


Yard Waste: In addition to Bulk and Weekly trash pick-up services, the Detroit DPW will collect Yard Waste this fall through the first week of Dec. There are specific requirements for placement and pick-up. See website link below.

Note: The City recommends that you mulch your grass clippings and compost leaves and yard waste as much as possible. Here is a link to a site that gives more information about composting:




Holiday Collection: During the first two weeks of Jan the DPW will pick up Christmas trees. Place them at the curb near your Courville container on your regular pick-up day.


Go here to read more:    http://www.ci.detroit.mi.us/dpw/services/bulk.htm




   President Sandra Primus

Come join the Radio Patrol. Volunteer 2 days a month. You will be paid mileage.


Please call (313) 885-1051 for more information. 


Please contribute to the Radio Patrol.


Contributions can be sent to the Radio Patrol Fund. 9176 Everts, Detroit, MI 48224. Please include your name, address and telephone number.




Detroit Eastern Market Harvest Fest


10AM – 3PM Saturday October 21,2006


(313) 833-9300


Shop Your Block in “Peace”

October 14th

12PM – 4PM


Warren @ Conner

E. 7 Mile @ Gratiot

Mack @ Alter


(313) 559-8985





November 1, 2006 @ 7:00 PM

Samaritan Center

5555 Conner, Detroit, MI 48213

(Open to all residents living in the Eastern District)

(313) 596-5900


Home Repair Workshop Series @ U-SNAP-BAC

In conjunction with Warm Training Center, U-SNAP-BAC presents it's home repair workshop services on scheduled Thursdays from September 21st thru November 2, 2006 from 5:30 PM until 8:00 PM. These workshops will be held at U-SNAP-BAC's office: 14901 E. Warren - Detroit, MI 48224. For more information call U-SNAP-BAC at (313) 640-1100.


The following is a schedule of the remaining classes:

        October 5th          Basic Electrical Repair

        October 12th        Basic Plumbing Repair

        October 19th        Basic Wall Repair and Painting

        November 2nd      Basic Wall Repair and Painting II    




U-SNAP-BAC hosts weekly Financial Literacy Workshops facilitated by Denise Williams,  U-SNAP-BAC's Homebuyer Education Counselor, at U-SNAP-BAC's office: 14901 E. Warren - Detroit, MI 48224. For more information call U-SNAP-BAC at (313) 640-1100. For information or to sign up for the workshops contact Ms. Williams @ (313) 640-1100 Ext. 12.


The following is a schedule of the remaining Financial Literacy Workshops:

        Monday, October 9th         

        Monday, October 16th       

        Monday, October 30th       

        Monday, November 6th          





A list of this month's advertisers. Look here for convenient local businesses to serve your needs. Support your neighborhood businesses.


A&M Automotive

AAA True Value Hardware

TAZ Roofing

R&T's II Auto Salon

Quickie Printing & Copy Shop

Vergote's Poultry & Fish Market

All About Technology, Inc.

American Car Care East

Kaminski Chiropractic Life Center

Gratiot Office Supply

Bulk Service Pickup








Metropolitan Community Tabernacle

11435 Morang Dr.

Detroit, MI 48224

George W. Washington, Pastor

(313) 526-8121

























Yorkshire Woods General Meeting

May 11 2006 - Report

We had an exciting meeting this evening at Morang and Beaconsfield. This meeting truly kicked off the beginning of summer with all the activities that entails. The meeting was chaired by Randy French while Bill Gracey is at home recuperating. There were twice as many people attending as were at the April meeting. Part of the increase in attendance was due to residents from Whitehill attending due to new delivery of the newsletter on that street. Discussion was wide ranging and included resident complaints and concerns as well as suggestions for solutions and neighborhood improvements. A representative of Council Woman Brenda Jones's office was there to listen to residents concerns.  A representative of City Council Member Kwame Kenyatta was also present with information. The details of the Motor City Makeover were discussed (See information below). The new Radio Patrol was described and discussed and a call for volunteers was made (See discussion below). A representative of a local bulk removal service company talked options for bulk trash removal. A call was made for each person attending to come to next months meeting and to bring an additional person with them.


2006 Motor City Makeover

Saturday the 13th of May at 9:00AM the Motor City Makeover comes to the Yorkshire Woods community. You must pre-register to participate. Call 224-4415, your Neighborhood City Hall or register online. There will be 5 drop off sites in our neighborhood:

11540 Whittier (NE Corner) Vacant Lot

11250 Whittier (NE Corner) Vacant Lot

Grayton between Rossiter and Lakepointe (Berm) Vacant Lot

Edsel Ford Service Drive and Morang (SW Corner) Vacant Lot

9620 Whittier (SE Corner) Vacant Lot


More details in the newsletter. Call the neighborhood number for information (886-1411)

Motor City Makeover Website: http://www.ci.detroit.mi.us/kcc/motorcity.htm


Radio Patrol Operating - Call for Volunteers

The Neighbors United Radio Patrol, which serves the Yorkshire Woods neighborhood, is under new leadership. This is big important news for our neighborhood. You owe it to yourself and your family to get involved. The Patrol will be operated by Sandra and Mose Primus Jr. At present there is only one person patrolling so we urgently need volunteers. We need you to patrol (Drive) and or observe (ride with a patroller). Patrollers are paid mileage. See the newsletter for details. Contact the Patrol at 885-1051 for more info.


Whitehill Gets Yorkshire Woods Newsletter Delivery

The Yorkshire Woods Newsletter is now being delivered on Whitehill thanks to the efforts of Tony and Jackie. I encourage all the residents on Whitehill to support them by attending the next Yorkshire Woods general meeting on Thursday, the 8th of June. The meeting is held at Metropolitan Community Tabernacle 11435 Morang. The parking lot is accessible from Beaconsfield. The meeting room is downstairs.


Newsletter Delivery

If you know anyone who is not receiving a newsletter in the Yorkshire Woods neighborhood, then please call the neighborhood number (886-1411) and let us know. If you are interested in handing out the newsletter on your block or street, let us know. I hand it out on my street and it is a great chance, once a month, to get out of the house and stretch my legs and meet some of my neighbors and see some of the neighborhood up close. I even get a little exercise.


Block Clubs

If you are interested in forming a block club then let me know by sending me an email at the address below. I can provide you web space to announce meeting times and dates and contact info and other news.

Bill Czygan bczygan@yahoo.com



Here are listings of local meetings of interest.


Project Pride

Monday May 15, 2006


Charity Lutheran Church

17220 Kelly Road (Just south of Morang)


Town Hall Meeting (To discuss the 2006/2007 Mayoral Budget)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

6pm - 8pm

St. Timothy United Methodist Church

15888 Archdale St. & Puritan (1 block E. of Southfield)

Call 224-1198 for info.


Home Ownership Workshop

Saturday June 3, 2006

10am - 12noon


14901 E. Warren (Corner of Alter Road)

Detroit, MI 48224

640-1100 X12 (Call to reserve a seat)


Eastern District Community Relations Meeting

Wednesday June 7, 2006

7pm - 9pm

Samaritan Center

5555 Conner

Cafeteria 1st Floor


Home Ownership Preservation Workshop

Thursday June 15, 2006

6pm - 8:30pm

AMVETS Post 57

19730 Harper Avenue

Harper Woods, MI 48225

(Harper at Allard Rd. Exit 224B on I-94 East)

RSVP at 640-1100 Ext. 12 (ask for Denise Williams)


Bulk Trash Disposal

Here are some details on Bulk Trash Disposal options.


Bulk Alternative - Free Drop-Off Locations

Residents can drop off up to 500 pounds of bulk items per day at:


Davison Yard - 8221 West Davison

Southfield Yard - 12255 Southfield

5840 Anthon - Between Calvary and Campbell

5580 Concord - At East Grand Blvd.

State Fair Yard - 19715 John R.

Tuesday through Saturday from 8am - 8pm. Winter hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 8am - 4pm but closed from 11 - 11:30am.


Bulk Alternative - Special Arrangements for Individual or Group Collection

Community groups and residents can solicit bulk service from a private collection provider. Check your local listings for contractors or vendors that provide that service.



After Jan. 2006, residents who violate City ordinances for trash and cleanliness will be ticketed. All tickets will be adjudicated by the Department of Administrative Hearings (DAH). 


Employment Help

The information below is from a flyer from State Senator Hansen Clarke's office.



The United Way helps those in need find appropriate help from local agencies. Dial 211 from a landline phone and ask for "Employment Help" or call (800) 552-1183.


Michigan Works!

Detroit's Work Place North - 707 West Milwaukee at Third. 1st Floor (313) 873-7321

Detroit's Work Place South - 455 West Fort Street at First. 2nd Floor (313) 962-9675

SER Metro One Stop - 9301 Michigan Avenue East of Wyoming (313) 846-2240

Employment Central - Samaritan Center, 5555 Conner. 1st Floor (313) 579-4900

Rosa Parks Satellite Center - 1300 Rosa Parks (313) 628-2200


Michigan Works! Online - www.michiganworks.org/page.cfm/15


Michigan Talent Bank


www.talentfreeway.org (This site has many services that can be useful in finding employment.)


Department of Civil Service

Cadillac Place Suite 4-400

3042 W. Grand Blvd.

(313) 456-4400



Senator Hansen's office


P.O. Box 30036

Lansing, MI 48909-7536






NEW - Yorkshire Woods Website!

If you are reading this, then you know there is a new Yorkshire Woods Website. This will be a place for more than just the newsletter. The Yorkshire Woods website will be the place for more extensive information to be available than can be fit in the newsletter. In addition, the information will contain links to other information on the net. Please bear with me as I create this website. It is beginning as a simple page of text and links but it will evolve as time goes by. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to me at bczygan@yahoo.com   Bill Czygan March 2006   Here is the link for the website. Save it as a favorite in your browser.





Yorkshire Woods Newsletter Now Available on the Internet!

The Yorkshire Woods Newsletter is now available on the internet. The Yorkshire Woods Newsletter will now be posted each month, on the new Yorkshire Woods website. The newsletter has limited space for articles. Certain articles will be printed in the newsletter in a shortened form. The full text version of the article with clickable links will be posted on the website. I encourage all of you to go to the new website and explore it. And check back often. The website will have information available before it comes to you in the newsletter. See the link for the Yorkshire Woods website above.




Most Recent (Not Posted Yet)

June 2005


A Call for Articles

Do you have a hobby or interest that you want to share with others? Are you interested in woodworking, photography, cooking, cars, camping, ham radio, music, gardening, quilting, collecting, art, sewing or any of a thousand other hobbies? If so, would you like to share your interest with others here in the Yorkshire Woods neighborhood? Contact me about writing an article on your hobby or interest. bczygan@yahoo.com



Here are some various articles of interest.


A Solution for Detroit's Financial Difficulties


Gardening Column Articles Now Available Online!

All the past and present Gardening Column Articles that appear in the Yorkshire Woods Newsletter, will be available here on the Yorkshire Woods website. See them here:


February 2006 Gardening Article (Winter Gardening Activities)

March 2006 Gardening Article (Getting Ready for Spring)

April 2006 Gardening Article (Flowers and Color For Your Yard)

May 2006 Gardening Article (Summer In The Garden)

June 2006 Gardening Article (High Summer in the Garden)


What We Have (It's Time To Take an Inventory of Our Blessings)


Yorkshire Woods Info Pages:


Phone Numbers to Remember

Yorkshire Woods Officers